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Options Insider Radio Interviews

Options Insider Radio is the longest-running options podcast and the flagship program on the Options Insider Radio Network. Options Insider Radio features unique and compelling interviews with the thought leaders, icons, radicals, movers and shakers that shape the options market. Whether you are an options professional looking for insightul discussion about your industry, or an active retail trader who wants a glimpse behind the scenes, this is the program for you.

Jan 31, 2018

Mark attended the Inside ETFs conference and met with Rolf Agather, Managing Director of North America Research at FTSE Russell. They discussed:

  • Rolf's background in financial services
  • How does FTSE Russell define smart beta?
  • The uses of smart beta
  • Advisors' awareness of smart beta
  • The resurgence of interest in...

Jan 31, 2018

Mark attended the Inside ETFs conference and ran into Eric Cott. They discussed:

  • OCC's perspective on ETF options
  • What is the level of options interest in ETF providers and traders?
  • Total cleared volume for 2017
  • Is there a shift from passive to active portfolio management afoot?
  • The new OIC options certificate for...

Jan 12, 2018

Today's guest is world-renowned financial innovator, Dr. Richard L. Sandor, who is widely regarded as the father of interest rate derivatives and the father of the carbon markets.

He discusses:

  • The American Financial Exchange
  • The genesis of AFX: viability of LIBOR
  • You have to be early to be on time
  • Will there be...

Jan 10, 2018

In this episode we feature John Kinahan, CEO of Group One Trading

He discusses:

  • His background in the financial markets and journey to becoming CEO of Group One
  • What are the biggest changes that have happened at Group One?
  • The impact of technology, and the demands of technological advances
  • The metamorphosis of skills...