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Options Insider Radio Interviews

Options Insider Radio is the longest-running options podcast and the flagship program on the Options Insider Radio Network. Options Insider Radio features unique and compelling interviews with the thought leaders, icons, radicals, movers and shakers that shape the options market. Whether you are an options professional looking for insightul discussion about your industry, or an active retail trader who wants a glimpse behind the scenes, this is the program for you.

Jan 15, 2014

Options Insider Radio: Money Block

In this episode Mark is joined by Gary Martino, Vice President of Business Development at Money Block.

They discuss:

  • What is Money Block?  Its history, customer base, and more.
  • Why is Money Block actively pursuing their audience?
  • What are the stumbling blocks keeping advisors from...

Jan 6, 2014

Options Insider Radio: The Intellectual Property Exchange, IPXI

In this episode, Mark is joined by Gerard Pannekoek, CEO and President of the Intellectual Property Exchange, IPXI.

They discuss:

  • What is IPXI?
  • Intellectual property as an asset class
  • The monetization of intellectual property, and IPXI’s model to do...

Jan 2, 2014

Options Insider Radio: Ed Boyle from BOX Exchange

In this episode, Mark is joined by Ed Boyle, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at BOX Exchange.

They discuss:

  • Jumbo SPY and industry reaction to it
  • Jumbo SPY settlement and issues around it
  • The future of PIP, and auctions in general
  • Complex...