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Options Insider Radio Interviews

Options Insider Radio is the longest-running options podcast and the flagship program on the Options Insider Radio Network. Options Insider Radio features unique and compelling interviews with the thought leaders, icons, radicals, movers and shakers that shape the options market. Whether you are an options professional looking for insightul discussion about your industry, or an active retail trader who wants a glimpse behind the scenes, this is the program for you.

Aug 25, 2014

In this episode, Mark is joined by Steve Crutchfield, Head of U.S. Options at NYSE.

They discuss:

  • The integration with ICE from an options perspective
  • ICE Chat: message-based order tickets and execution
  • Fragmentation of liquidity in the options space
  • Penny pilot program: is it time to retire it?
  • Technological failures:...

Aug 7, 2014

Options Insider Radio: A Year in the Life at BATS

In this episode, Mark is joined by Jeromee Johnson, Vice President of Market Development and Head of Options at the BATS Exchange.

They discuss:

  • A year in the life of the BATS Exchange
  • BATS + Direct Edge
  • Where are growth opportunities?
  • Will there be a second BATS...

Jul 11, 2014

Options Insider Radio: Talking When to Trade, and When Not to, with Hedgeable

In this episode, Mark is joined by Mike Kane, co-founder of Hedgeable.

They discuss:

  • What is Hedgeable?
  • What sets them apart?
  • The perception of options
  • Their reactive approach to the market
  • Capturing the upside, avoiding the downside
  • How they...

Jul 8, 2014

In this episode, Mark is joined by Joy Rosenstein, Derivatives Business Development Manager at Fidessa.

They discuss:

  • The latest developments at Fidessa
  • Automation of trading systems
  • The Fragulator
  • Migratory order flow and fee schedules
  • Retail trading platforms
  • SEFs and the swaps space
  • Joy's take on Flash Boys
  • And more

Jul 2, 2014

In this episode, Mark is joined by Dan Sacks from Actant.

They discuss:

  • What is Actant?
  • Who uses it?
  • The value-added services Actant provides
  • What is top of mind for new Actant clients?
  • Regulatory initiatives, risk management, and the race to zero
  • Cost effective order flow routing
  • The partnership with LiquidPoint
  • And...